Linen Closet Eco Friendly Tote Shoulder Bag


REUSABLE AND WASHABLE ECO FRIENDLY LINEN BAG: Made from natural materials, linen is harmless, light and durable, so it can be used as a grocery bag. MATERIAL: Linen 100%(Blue), Linen 50%+Cotton 50%(Beige), Cotton 100%(Navy) DIMENSION: 15.74 in(L) * 16.53 in(W) * 2.75 in(D) Lovely shoulder bag with a vintage feel that falls gently down. All three colors are natural and have different textures to suit your taste. You can be carried in two ways : Tote bag and Shoulder bag. There is a small pocket in the bag. You can put your mobile phone and credit cards in there. Hand washing is recommended, when you wash the machine, put the product in the laundry network.


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