STWr French Flag Canvas Tote Bag Shopping Bag Handbag



Reusable Grocery Shopping Bagsag is 32 cm wide by 38 cm (12.5 x 15 inches) It has an extra long handle that can be easily supported on the shoulders, thus reducing the overall burden. The design of the Organic Cotton Mart bags is relatively straightforward, but its shape and dimensions lead to an extreme usefulness. These canvas tote bags have handles which make it very easy to carry your grocery items to your car by leaving the cart at the entrance. And it can be used as a beach bag This Reusable Cotton Canvas Reusable Grocery Tote Bag is Perfect for shopping, you can use the tote to put all your groceries in when you go to the store. The tote bags are the best way to go,it could also be a book tote bag,shopper tote bag, beach tote and bags ,travel tote bags,boat and tote bag for women,for ladies when go out.It’s a nice shopping tote bags for storage simple stuffs. Machine Washable: What to do if the bag is dirty? Don’t worry. Throw the bag in the washing machine, then go for a coffee. A few hours later it will become clean. Craft Shopping Bag,are very practical and can be used for anything aside from your groceries; ideal for school, office, weekend trips, and even as gift bags, bridal shower gifts or party favors.


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